About Crowdfunding

Drake University's Here's to The One crowdfunding program is about making a direct impact on specific causes and projects at Drake. 

Drake University FAQ

What does "Here's to the One" mean?

“Here’s to the One” is a phrase from Drake’s fight song, “The ‘D’ Song”. (The full line is “Here’s to the one who wears the D.”) The name is a nod to a Drake tradition, but also serves to recognize the many people at Drake who are doing incredible things.

Will there be more crowdfunding projects?

Yes! Crowdfunding at Drake was launched in Fall 2019 with a pilot project for our Live Mascot Program. Check back in the coming months for updates and more projects to support!

What will my donation support?

Your gift will support the project you select. Each project on this platform provides specific details regarding where your support goes. If you would like more information on gift designations, please visit: https://alumni.drake.edu/areasofsupport

Is my deduction tax deductible?

Yes! All philanthropic contributions through Here’s To The One are tax-deductible as prescribed by law.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card is charged immediately upon finalizing your gift on the site.

Will I receive a receipt for my contribution?

Shortly after you make your gift, you will receive an email confirmation that can serve as a receipt.

You will also receive a mailed receipt for your records.

Where does my gift go?

100% of your gift goes directly to the project you chose to support.

Whom should I contact with further questions about my contribution?

Please contact the Office of Annual Giving via email at development@drake.edu.